1/72 scale aircraft by members of the North Devon Model Society.

Fokker Eindecker E.ii

Built and finished by James Cann this Eindecker is in 1/72 scale. The level of detail is amazing.

Fokker D VIII

To compliment his Fokker DVIII in 1/48 scale Barrie Smith has added a couple in 1/72 scale. One with the crazy lozenge pattern markings!

DH 88 Comet 'Grosvenor House'

Modelled by Peter Sutton in 1/72 scale from an Airfix Vintage Classic kit G-ACSS won the 1934 MacRobertson London to Australia air race.

DHC-2 Beaver

A very tidy build by Mick Saunders from the classic Airfix 1/72 kit.

Heinkel He 51

Built and finished by Barrie Smith, in 1/72 scale, this early German biplane depicts the dawn of the Luftwaffe.

Henschel Hs 123

Built and finished by Barrie Smith in 1/72 scale the Hs123 has no rigging. This camouflage scheme is from the Spanish Civil War.

Henschel Hs 123 Luftwaffe

Another Hs 123 from Barrie Smith in 1/72 scale this time in Luftwaffe winter camouflage.

Bell Sioux AH

In 1/72 scale this Bell Sioux AH in British Army markings is a little gem by Kevin Young.

Savoia Marchetti S.55 A

Modelled by James Cann this is the 1/72 Dora Wings Savoia Marchetti S.55 A. You can see the full build of this model on the LPJ Models YouTube channel.

Junkers Ju 188

This high altitude Luftwaffe bomber is modelled by John Hunt.

Caproni Ca.311

Never afraid to take on a challenge Barrie Smith has made a splendid job this 1/72 scale Caproni with its complex glazing and mottling.

Whitley Mk V

Detailed from an old Frog kit this 1:72 scale Whitley Mk V by John Blackett is bristling with aerials representing Coastal Command’s crucial maritime patrol role.

Turkish Blenheim Mk I

Built by Barrie Smith this 1:72 scale Bristol Blenheim Mk I forms part of his unusual Turkish airforce collection. All of which are finished to the same high standard.

Vickers Wellington MK II

This is Stephen Taylor’s first aircraft model in 1/72 scale the Merlin engined Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk II.

Vickers Wellington Mk III

One of the lesser known Mks of the geodetic bomber the Vickers Wellington Mk III as modelled by John Hunt.

Turkish Fairey Battle Mk I

Another from Barrie Smith’s Turkish Airforce collection. The controversial Fairey Battle Mk I in 1:72 scale is finished to a high standard by Barrie.

Avro Anson Mk I

Modelled by Gerald Hill in 1:72 scale this Airfix early Anson Mk I features the classic all yellow trainer scheme.

Avro Lancaster B Mk I 'Special'

Built by Gerald Hill in 1:72 scale this is Guy Gibson’s famous Lancaster from ‘Operation Chastise’ the famous raid on the German dams and the creation of the legendary ‘Dambusters’.

USAF P-47 'Thunderbolts'

John Hunt’s journey into the world of the ‘Thunderbolt’ has certainly borne fruit. These USAF 1/72 scale models are beautifully finished.

RAF P-47 'Thunderbolts'

John Hunt’s P-47 ‘Thunderbolt’ story continues with theP-47 in RAF service. Again an excellent level of finish from John.

USAF DC-4 Transport

A resurrected wooden model in 1/72 scale by Gerald Hill our oldest club member.

Gloster Sea Meteor

This 1/72 scale conversion is by John Hunt and features re-scribed panel lines and an added arrestor hook.

Focke Wulf Ta-183

This compact ‘what-if!’ Luftwaffe fighter in 1:72 scale is by Barrie Smith and features the camouflage colours used by the Luftwaffe at the end of the war.

Horten Night Fighter

This 1:72 scale two seater night fighter conversion is by Barrie Smith. Just a paper concept this flying wing would have been an incredible aircraft to see flying.

Horten with tailfin

Another of Barrie Smith’s 1:72 scale Horten conversions. This time with a vertical tail. As always finished to a high standard.

Blohm Voss Bv 237

Experimental Luftwaffe aircraft are always popular as they throw up some bizarre subjects. This Blohm Voss Bv237 modelled in 1/72 scale by Barrie Smith is no exception with its seemingly impossible asymmetrical design

Republic F-84F 'Thunderstreak'

Concluding John Hunt’s ‘Thunder’ theme, for now, is his 1/72 Luftwaffe ‘Thunderstreak’ again beautifully finished.

Bloodhound Missile System

Developed in the cold war as an air defence system these Airfix Bloodhounds are by Barry Quick.

Folland Gnats

Both of these 1:72 Gnats are from Gerald Hill but many years apart. The first is carved in wood from plans. The second a modern kit from Airfix.

Blackburn Buccaneer Mk I

The excellent low level strike aircraft the Blackburn Buccaneer by John Hunt.

North American T-2 Buckeye

Modelled by Peter Sutton in 1/72 scale from a Matchbox kit this US Navy jet trainer has been extensively re-scribed.

Martin B-57

From the Vietnam War the Martin B-57 based on the British Canberra bomber. Modelled by John Hunt.

English Electric Lightning F6

This 1/72 scale Lightning is from one of our senior members, Gerald Hill, and shows you are never too old to have fun and enjoy your modelling. I love this experimental camouflage scheme. It suits the Lightning really well.

RAF Phantom FG 1

Built and finished by David Campbell this exquisite RAF Phantom FG 1 in 1:72 scale is a thank you from the North Devon Model Society to Hazel Millard who kindly donated her late husbands model to the club to raise funds for the North Devon Hospice. See the 2022 NEWS page for more details.

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