The members of the North Devon Model Society model are if course partial to armoured fighting vehicles but not just 1:35 Tiger tanks…
Just click on the images below do discover more.

Canadian Armoured MG Carrier

An unusual highly detailed 1:35 scale armoured car from Copper State Models modelled here by James Cann.

Churchill Crocodile

The Churchill Crocodile flamethrower tank with its bowser as used after D-Day. Modelled here by David Webber in 1/35 scale.

Challenger II

Built by Kevin Young this out 'of the box' Challenger II features the standard two tone camouflage scheme expertly sprayed.

LRDG Chevrolet

A Long Range Desert Group Chevrolet truck in 1/35 scale by David Webber.

Gulf War Challenger

This 1/35 scale Gulf War Challenger tank is modelled by Kevin Robinson.

M3A1 Half Tarck

Built by Geoff Dearing this 1/35 scale M3A1 half track features the markings of 'Operation Torch', the allied landings in Italy.

Bren Gun Carrier

The Bren Gun Carrier as modelled by David Webber in 1/35 scale.

United Nations LMV Lince

A UN LMV Line in 1/35 sporting a WWII MG42 This model is by Kevin Young.

Land Rover and Husky

Built by Greg Whitworth this 1/35 scale duo of a heavily armed Land Rover and Husky are perfectly set in this rugged diorama of the Iraq desert.

Renault FT-17

The Renault FT-17 tank modelled in 1/16 scale by Mike Taylor


A classic DUKW 1/35 scale is by David Webber.

Dodge 1-1/2 Ton Personell Carrier

Built by Steve Macey this compact army truck armed with a .50 Cal is expertly finished.

FCM 36

This compact 1:35 scale French FCM 36 tank was made by James Cann.

T34 Diorama

Featuring two Russian T34s and a one captured in German markings this diorama is by John Hunt.

Erhardt E-V/4 M.1917

Modelled by James Cann this is the Copper State 1/35 scale Erhardt E-V/4 M.1917 armoured car.

Army Workshop Truck

This busy workshop truck diorama in 1/35 scale is by David Webber.

Panzer IV North Africa

Built by Geoff Dearing this 1/35 scale Panzer IV in North Africa is in serious trouble. Geoff has captured the drama perfectly with his desperate crew escaping the blazing tank.

BM-21 Grad

This modern version of the famous 'Katushka' is known as the BM-21 'Grad' (hail). Here it is finished in an unusual desert scheme by Kevin Young.

M-18 Hellcat

An Airfix 1/72 scale M-18 Hellcat modelled by Josh.


A terrific 1/35 Humvee by Kevin Young.

BL 7.2-inch Howitzer

Bringing out the big guns this 7.2 inch Howitzer has been built by Geoff Dearing 

Oshkosh HEMTT M977A4

A variety of Oshkosh HEMTT M977A4 trucks modelled by Gerald Hill in 1/72 scale.

Desert Jeep

This 1/35 scale desert Jeep by Geoff Dearing has plenty of action with a well animated driver and passengers enjoying the ride.

Jagdpanzer IV

With added Zimmerit and Schurzen this Jagdpanzer IV ambush diorama by John Hunt has plenty of movement. Something difficult o capture at any scale.

Sdkfz 251

Built by Geoff Dearing this beefy looking 1/35 scale Sdkfz 251 features late war sponged camouflage and a very unhealthy crew member.

Krupp Light Weapons Carrier for 88mm

Built by Geoff Dearing this intriguing 1/35 scale Self propelled gun was a paper project by the Germans using their light weapons carrier chassis.

Mark V 'Male' Tank

Built by John Blackett this 1/72 small scale model of a Mark V 'Male' tank from the First World War is incredibly made of card!

Bedford Radio Van

This Bedford Radio Van in 1/35 scale has been detailed inside and out by Geoff Dearing.


Designed and 3D printed by Sera Staples this leviathan is modelled in 1:24 scale. Resin printed details and cast metal running gear and tracks finish this model giving it an all up weight of over 4 kilos.

Minerva Belgian Armoured Car

This 1:35 Minerva Belgian armoured car was built and exquisitely weathered by James Cann.

Sherman Crab and Support Truck

Built by Geoff Dearing this 1/35 scale Sherman Crab, as used on D-Day, features the mine clearing flail attached to the front hull. The support truck would carry spare flails damaged by mines.

Humber Armoured Car

Modelled in 1/76 scale by Peter Sutton this Revell Humber Armoured Car sits perfectly in its desert landscape.

Humber Scout Cars

A duo of Humber scout cars on patrol in 1/35 scale from Geoff Dearing. 

Panzer I

This amazing 1:16 scale Panzer I from Takom is built and finished by James Cann. The quality of finish and attention to detail is off the chart. You can see more on this build on James' YouTube channel

Marder II & Sdkfz 234 Pumas

A fantastic trio in 1/35 scale from Geoff Dearing. Featuring a Marder II and two Sdkfz 234 Pumas.

M109A6 'Paladin' Self Propelled Howitzer

Modelled by Gerald Hill this 1/72 model certainly packs a punch.

T26E4 Super Pershing

Needing hydraulics to support its massive barrel, only 25 of this tank were produced This model of the T26E4 Super Pershing was built and finished by Kevin Young.

M3 Stuart

Another great diorama from John Hunt. This time an M3 Stuart advancing through the mud in a far eastern jungle. A very atmospheric build.

Marmon-Herrington & Humber Armoured cars

A duo of desert armoured cars by Geoff Dearing in 1/35 scale.

Sdkfz 234 Puma & Sdkfz 251s

A wonderful display of a late war Sdkfz 234 and 251s in 1/35 scale by Geoff Dearing.

1/72 Scale Tanks

Gerald Hill's 1/72 tank collection is just a small part of the many models he has built over the decades. Enjoying what you do is the important thing to remember.

'Toon Tanks!'

Modelling is fun! and to prove it here are two 'Toon Tanks' from Margaret Hunt. A Matilda and a Firefly - rivet counters will be screaming right now. I can hear them!

'Toon Tanks 2!'

Sporting the latest fashion in urban camo is Sophie's Sherman Toon Tank. Of course she's not afraid of going down the traditional route with her well weathered KV-2 and Sherman.

Priest Kangaroo & Armoured Car

This 1/35 scale pair by Geoff Dearing feature a Priest Kangaroo (defrocked SPG) and an armoured car, both well detailed.

Whippet Mk A

Built by James Cann this Meng Models Whippet Mk A is a masterclass in painting and weathering. The Whippet was the fastest tank of the First World War and you can see more on this amazing build on James' YouTube channel

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