Traditional figure sculpting from the North Devon Model Society
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Charles 3rd Duke of Bourbon 1525

This striking mounted knight is by Graham Sutch an displays an amazing level of detail and historical accuracy.

'The Forgotten Army' Burma 1944

A wonderfully atmospheric depiction of a Chindit advancing through the jungles of Burma. This is by Graham Sutch.

Napoleonic Refreshment

A captivating 54mm vignette packed with detail created by Nick Lovell.

The Last Round

Sculpted from scratch by Graham Sutch this figure is from the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876


A brilliant 54mm vignette created by Nick Lovell.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

This white metal kit in 1/32 scale features Indiana Jones and Dr Jones from the film Indiana Jones and the last Crusade.

The Trophy

A terrific vignette well executed by Jim Dalziel.

Persian Mounted Nobleman 1800

This stunning mounted Persian Nobleman by our master sculptor Graham Sutch. This figure displays an amazing level of detail and historical accuracy.

Pte John Thomas Blackett MM

Sculpted and painted from scratch this wonderful figure is by John Blackett.

Mounted Samurai Archer 1180

Meticulously researched this mounted Samurai archer by Graham Sutch is incredibly detailed.

'The Quest For Gold' Conquistadores 1538

Sculpted by Graham Sutch these Conquistadors are historically accurate in every way.

US Army Scout

Sculpted from scratch by Graham Sutch this mounted US Army Scout is from 1848.

Cherokee Chief 1776

A superbly painted Cherokee Chief of 1776 painted by Ray Osbourne.

'Bikini Girl'

A study of the female form. In this instance anatomically accurate in contrast to many fantasy figures. This is by Graham Sutch.


From the American Civil War of 1864 this Sniper figure is firing the Spencer Rifle. This award winning figure is by Graham Sutch.

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