Welcome to ‘KIDS and KITS’…

The North Devon Model Society is proud to launch ‘KIDS and KITS’ our outreach program to bring model making to local schools. The benefits of model making are only recently being recognised and taken up at an early age can aid a child’s development and give them skills and confidence for the rest of their life.

  • PRACTICAL SKILLS – Engaging with modelling creatively builds confidence using tools while developing and exploring a wide range of practical techniques.
  • HISTORY AND IMAGINATION – Modelling subjects from the past helps give use a better understanding of history while fantasy models allow help us develop our imagination.
  • SELF EXPRESSION – There are NO rules in model making you can make whatever you want with whatever you want. Yes, you can paint a tank pink.
  • CONCENTRATION – In a world of instant gratification model making teaches us to focus on a task at hand.
  • PHYSICAL REWARD – At the end of a session a modeller can take away a physical object that they have created and can be proud of.
  • RELAXATION – It is now acknowledged that model making can reduce stress and calm an individual also reducing the effects of PTSD. See study by Ceri Lawrence and Diane Ellison in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy.
  • A LIFELONG HOBBY – For many modelmaking has been a lifelong place of solace in their lives improving the quality of their lives.

What is ‘KIDS and KITS’…?

The North Devon Model Society is actively working with a number of model manufacturers to help establish after school model clubs in schools. We will provide initial models and tuition to allow teachers to set up their own school’s model club. Basic tools and materials will also be required at times, which we can recommend.
Once established the NDMS will provide assistance to encourage the development of skills of young members. From these beginners kits pupils will then have the confidence to bring their own models to their school model club and explore their own genre of model making.
The NDMS can also assist schools setting up and running their own competitions and exhibitions of pupils models.
‘KIDS and KITS’ members will be able to display their models at the annual ‘North Devon Model Show’ a charity event held every August attended by the public at ‘Park Community School’, Barnstaple.
For teachers and pupils wishing to learn further model making skills the North Devon Model Society meets every Tuesday from 6.30 – 9PM at the Fremington Parish Hall. The NDMS has a vast knowledge based resource and can recommend models for all ages and abilities as well as assist in obtaining tools and materials.


Ability, and aptitude for model making can develop at any age, but modelmaking has to be something the pupil chooses to take part in. Then they will get the greatest reward from their efforts.
We would recommend ‘KIDS and KITS’ for pupils from YEAR 3 onwards. You may find pupils are already model making at home. For them ‘KIDS and KITS’ helps provide an environment where they can share their interest with their peers and even assist younger members.

As mentioned before there are no rules in model making. While some pupils may follow the box art others are at liberty to finish their model however they wish.

If your school would like to join our ‘KIDS and KITS’ program please email sera@staplesandvine.com


We are delighted to welcome our first kit manufacturer to join our ‘KIDS and KITS’ program is Warhammer. These famous creators of fantasy wargaming figures will be supplying us with initial starter sets to build and paint. These will allow pupils to build and paint a figure in a session and introduce them into modelmaking. The bonus with these sets is the ability to use the gaming resources also provided to allow pupils to have their own gaming experience.

Other manufacturers are also joining the ‘KIDS and KITS’ program. Check in soon for more updates.

If you are a manufacturer who would like to join our ‘KIDS and KITS’ program please email sera@staplesandvine.com


Our first ‘KIDS and KITS’ school is  Lampard Community School, based in Barnstaple. Lampard Community School is a special school catering for children aged 5-16 with complex needs, all of whom have speech, language, communication and interaction needs and are working significantly below age related expectations. 

We hope ‘KIDS and KITS’ can help pupils learn new life skills and develop a pastime that they can enjoy and express themselves with.

If your school would like to join our ‘KIDS and KITS’ program please email sera@staplesandvine.com

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