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December 31st 2023

The NDMS has had a fantastic 2023 with our ‘Sculpt, Print, Mould, Paint’ series, the launch of ‘Knowledge Share’ and of course our highly successful August show. We have lots planned for 2024 so that just leaves us to wish you all a very Happy New Year from everyone at the North Devon Model Society.

December 20th 2023

Another engrossing ‘KNOWLEDGE SHARE’ last night. This time Peter Sutton gave us an in depth tutorial on the methods used to recreate scale panel lines on models. Peter took us through a variety of techniques and even shared with us experiments on recreating raised detail. You can look forward to more Knowledge Share tutorials next year. We already have the first four lined up.
That just leaves us to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

December 6th 2023

Massive congratulations to David Webber who won this year’s annual competition with his Tamiya LRDG Chevrolet. David is seen here receiving the Ray Osbourne Memorial Trophy from last year’s winner David Campbell.
What will you build in 2024 for next year’s competition?

December 1st 2023

It’s that time of year again when the annual competition takes place. Our ‘Christmas Celebration’ is when we bring in what we have been up to during the year for a good old natter and hold the annual competition. One entry and one vote per member. All entries must be something built in the past 12 months.

November 27th 2023

Our next ‘Knowledge Share’ will be ‘SCRIBING & RE-SCRIBING with Peter Sutton on Tuesday December 19th. Something we have all heard about but few of us know how to do well. Looking forward to this…

November 16th 2023

Steve’s ‘Airbrushing for Beginners’ tutorial was very well attended this week. We all learned a lot, even us ‘senior members’. You’re never to old to learn or discover something new. Different types of airbrush were explained as was useful associated airbrushing equipment. Thanks Steve.

November 13th 2023

The North Devon Model Society exhibited this weekend at Scale Model World, Telford. It was a very long journey but the club put on a great display. Well done guys.

November 9th 2023

We had an amazing night at the club this week with the final of our First World War aircraft competition. Well done to everyone who took part but congratulations go to Peter -1st, Nick – 2nd, and James – 3rd. You will be able to see more of James’s build and the others on James’s YouTube channel HERE.

October 21st 2023

Next month’s ‘Knowledge Share’ will be a beginners guide to airbrushing and will be hosted by Steve and Kevin. If you aren’t sure about where to start with airbrushing, what to buy or how to get the best results then this is for you. It’s so useful learning the best techniques from experienced modellers. It helps us all raise our game and make better models with more satisfying results. See you on November 17th.

October 19th 2023

‘Knowledge Share’ went really well this week. I hope everyone enjoyed finding out about Sera’s process for taking 3D printed parts and making moulds to cast them in pewter. 

September 28th 2023

Our first ‘Knowledge Share’ event will be held on Tuesday October 17th. Sera Staples will take you through a series of stages to  translate a 3D printed part into a metal casting which is then refined to make a mould for production casting. This is the process Staples and Vine uses to create masters and production castings for the aircraft car and tank ranges. The presentation starts at 7PM at Fremington Parish Hall.

September 27th 2023

The North Devon Model Society is proud to have an incredible knowledge base amongst it’s members as you will have seen from the Sculpt, Print, Mould, Paint series earlier in the year. We now plan to build on that success  with further tutorial evenings at the club under the banner ‘Knowledge Share’.  At the North Devon Model Society we believe that we can all benefit and improve our skillset by sharing and learning from others after all our motto is ‘meet, build, share, learn, enjoy’.  We have a many tutorial events planned for the future with something each month. So make sure you are in the loop with events by attending the club or following us on Facebook. Events will also be posted here.

September 19th 2023

Wow we have some amazing new talented modellers joining the club. Here is just a taste of some of the models brought along to out Photo Night last week. Sera will gett cracking sorting the images out and uploading them as soon as possible.

August 25th 2023

We would like to welcome all our new members to the club by inviting you to bring your models along to our photography night on Tuesday September 12th. Sera will be on hand to photograph your models for addition to the pages of our website. If you would like copies of the photos please give Sera a USB drive.

August 23rd 2023

We are proud to announce that our chosen charity for the 2024 North Devon Model Show will be ‘The Veteran’s Charity’. Based in Barnstaple The Veteran’s Charity operates nationally throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. Click on the image below to find out more.


The Veteran’s Charity are able to assist with essentials such as food shopping (including pet and baby products where required), utilities support, clothing and footwear, household items and single appliances, smartphones/tablets and calling credit/data.
The recipient of our support must be someone who has served within UK Armed Forces and can verify their service.

August 18th 2023

Well that was pretty crazy! What an excellent show we had last weekend. Over 500 adults attending and over £1000 raised for Children’s Hospice South West – Little Bridge House. A massive thank you to everyone who came and of course all the members who helped out on the day, it would have been impossible without you.  You can see more photos from the show HERE on the website. We look forward to seeing you all again next year  – details to follow…

July 3rd 2023

Show postering and marketing is going well. Lots of shops in and around Barnstaple have put up posters. We haven’t forgotten social media either with our Facebook wizard (Nick) posting regularly. Lots of members models will be featured in the Facebook post so keep your eyes open yours could be next. If you’re not a member why not join and have your models photographed. They may make it onto next year’s poster… We are trying a bit of Gorilla marketing with ‘The Green Model Machine’ coming to a car park near you. Thanks Kev. 

June 28th 2023

A masterclass in figure face painting last night by James Cann. Thank you so much James for giving us an excellent tutorial. The principles were expertly explained and we could all follow along on screen.

June 20th 2023

Preparation for the show is going well. We now have our massive show banner up outside Park school. It looks amazing. Thanks to ‘Matrix Banners’ of Barnstaple for printing this wonderful banner. It looks spectacular from the road, just what we wanted.

June 15th 2023

A5 Flyers and A4 & A3 posters all from our wonderful sponsors Stannp. Stannp are a direct mail print company based in Barnstaple who print and dispatch leaflets nationwide. The quality of our show posters and flyers is terrific. We are delighted, thank you Stannp.

June 1st 2023

The final instalment in this year’s tutorial series is James Cann’s eagerly anticipated  tutorial on how to paint figure faces. This is something many of us have been keenly awaiting so I expect it’s going to be another well attended evening. See you there on June 27th …

May 31st 2023

Another cracking tutorial night at the club on Tuesday. Kevin expertly explained the principles  and crucial techniques behind moulding and casting parts in resin. I know there are several in the club who are now keen to have a go.
Next month will be our last tutorial in this batch when James Cann shows us all how to paint the perfect model figure face. I know this will be a busy night so put it in your diary. More details to follow…

May 6th 2023

Tuesday May 30th will see part 3 in our series of model making tutorials with Kevin Young explaining the principles of moulding and casting for resin. Resin is a material we are all aware of and often use in our models but just how do we go about making a mould and getting a successful casting? If you want to find out more make sure you are at Fremington Parish Hall on the 30th of May  by 7PM.

April 27th 2023

A very well attended tutorial was held this Tuesday with Sera explaining the principles behind 3D printing. Its strengths, weaknesses, costs and how to get started. I hope everyone managed to hear despite Sera having a horrendous cold.
The third event in our ‘Sculpt, Print, Mould, Paint’ series will be held In May with Kevin Young  explaining the principles behind moulding and casting parts in resin. See you at Fremington Parish Hall for that  one. Date TBC.

April 4th 2023

The second event in our ‘Sculpt, Print, Mould, Paint’ series will be held on Tuesday April 25th. Sera will be explaining the principle s behind FDM and Resin 3D printing. There will be a printer running so you can get an idea of just how 3D printers work.  We will go through the process of sourcing, preparing and printing. Explaining the pros and cons along the way. See you there.

March 22nd 2023

The club ‘Annual General Meeting’ will be held on April 4th 2023 where committee members will seek to be re-elected. We have had a good year and now have a strong hard working committee that has made a lot of progress to set the club up well for the future.
Membership and funds are up and planning is going well for our show. We look forward to seeing you on Apirl 4th. 


March 3rd 2023

The first demonstration in our ‘Figure Series’ will be on Tuesday March 14th. Graham Sutch, our resident figure sculptor, will be giving a demonstration explaining the techniques he uses to create his marvellous figure sculptures. I would advise arriving early so you don’t miss what will be a fascinating evening.

February 24th  2023

Our club motto ‘Meet – Build – Share – Learn – Enjoy’  is at the heart of the north Devon Model Society with members always ready to answer questions, help others and share their collective knowledge. Over the following months a series of tutorials will be given at the club by members with specialist skills. There will be a theme of 1/35 scale figures but the principles being taught can be applied to any scale. Dates are yet to be confirmed but the following are now confirmed.


More details and dates to follow. There is no need to book, just come along to the relevant club night.

February 19th  2023

We had a nice surprise from one of our new members this week! This exquisite Tiger I diorama. There are some great modelling techniques on display here including the walls which were carved from foam. For a first diorama this is incredible. Justifiably it received a lot of praise from fellow members on the night.
I can’t wait to see what comes next….

February 4th  2023

We are proud to unveil our new poster for the North Devon Model Show being held at The Park Community School, Barnstaple on Sunday August 13th 2023. As you can seen our chosen charity this year is ‘Children’s Hospice SouthWest – Little Bridge House’. Further details on who will be attending can be found in the shows section of the website.
The incredible armoured car model featured on the poster is by James Cann and can be seen in the Armour section of the model Gallery.

February 1st  2023

Wow! How good was last night? 25 attending. Great to see so many at the club. Lots to catch up on and there was even some model making going on. The car park filled up quickly so make sure you arrive early to get a space! Happy modelling, Sera.

JANUARY 22nd  2023

Just back from our club lunch at ‘The Quay’, Instow. A delicious meal with clean plates all round. Massive thanks to Baz and Jacky for arranging the lunch, everyone had a great time. Now I’m looking forward to the summer BBQ!

JANUARY 2nd  2023

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2023! This year is going to be big for us as we will be hosting our first show in over 4 years. Fortunately the experience we have from  the previous shows puts us in good stead. Lots of traders and exhibitors are already booked but I there are any exhibitors out there who would like to attend please get in touch asap. Space is going fast!
What better way to kick off our big year than with some big models. I took the opportunity to take some photos of Andy Yeo’s aircraft recently and have added them to the 1/32 AIRCRAFT GALLERY but here’s a brief selection…
Don’t forget our first meeting of 2023 is on TUESDAY JANUARY 10th, same time same place. 

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