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SEPTEMBER 7th 2021

The new flyers for the model club have just arrived and will be distributed to the local model shops. Hopefully these will help us recruit more members to our happy band of modellers.

SEPTEMBER 1st 2021

Our first ‘Bring & Buy’ night will be on the 28th of September. Please bring along any items for sale you think the members would like for sale. Please price your items clearly beforehand. All proceeds will go to the club to help raise funds.

AUGUST 29th 2021

As you can see the website is now fully updated with all the recent photos from our photography nights. There will be more photography nights to come so dust off your models and stay tuned for the next date. If you would like the image files of your model photos from the site just give me a USB stick with your name on and I’ll put them on for you for the following week.

We have just had another successful BBQ thanks to Barry and Jacky. Great food and good company. I think we all had a good time.

AUGUST 20th 2021

There is a lot planned for the next few months at the North Devon Model Society. Here is a quick summary of what is to come.

SUNDAY AUGUST 29th 2021   –  ‘N.D.M.S. Barbeque’.
This is always a popular event and is kindly hosted by Barry and Jacky Smith. This year the BBQ will be £7.50 per head. Please pay in advance on club night. If members could arrive at 3 PM so that the chef can take your food order that would be great. Please bring deserts and any drinks you would like.

Thanks to everyone who attended and took the time to bring along their models for photography. I am working through the photos and will be adding them to the site in due course. The photos will also be used to design new club leaflets which will be circulated to all the local model shops.

The club is planning a fund raising night for the club where members can bring along any useful items for sale such as books, tools model making equipment. All proceeds to go to the club. The date will be announced soon.

We all have a stash of models we are planning to build. Of course we may have one or two models that no longer fit into our collection. That’s where ‘Stash Clearout Night’ comes in. Members will be able to bring unbuilt kits along for sale. 10% of each sale must be donated to the club. The date will be announced soon.

The competition will be open to all members who may submit a model they have built and finished in the past year. Models must be submitted on the first club night in December which will be the closing date. Each member will have one vote to allocate to their favourite model. In the event of a tie there will be a run-off. If there is still no clear winner the committee will decide on a winner. The trophy will be awarded at the club Christmas dinner.

Following the success of the first Christmas dinner at ‘Han Court’ a second event is planned for December. The price per head and date is yet to be confirmed.

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