The members of the North Devon Model Society model ships in a variety of scales 
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HMS Bluebell

A superb 1/144 model of HMS Bluebell by David Campbell. The crew figures really bring this model to life - outstanding.

Bushnell's Turtle

A brilliant scratchbuilt model of Bushnell’s Turtle by Ned Morgan.

HMS Harvester

This incredible model of HMS Harvester in 1:700 was made by James Cann. This scale is a challenge to any modeller, but here the end result really is something to be proud of.

RMT Olympic

This sister ship to the Titanic was built by 'Harland and Wolff' for the 'White Star Line' served as a troopship in the First World War. It wore 'Dazzle camouflage' and it is modelled here in card by John Blackett to perfection.

Clyde Puffer

This Clyde Puffer by John Hunt is a work in progress. A subject full of character the Clyde Puffer is a great subject for any modeller to add his own detail and style.

Type XXI U-Boat

Developed at the end of WWII the type XXI never saw service although one does exist today, preserved. This model is made by Ned Morgan.

HMS Onslow

A very effective technique has been used by Peter Sutton to recreate the spray and smoke on the frozen decks of this diminutive warship.

US Navy Ship Diorama

Modelled by Peter Sutton this diorama cleverly features the trick of using different scale models to create perspective. The models featured are 1/300 USS Nautilus, 1/400 Martin Mariners, 1/424 USS Currituck,  & 1/483 USS Boston.


Modelled by John Blackett this tiny model of Tirpitz features dramatic disruptive camouflage.

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